Virtual Receptionist

Let us manager your calls.

Our Virtual Receptionist services are structured around the receptionist you currently have, or the one you’d like to have. Commonly used by smaller businesses, but available for all sized companies, we answer your calls for you as if we’re sitting in your office. When a caller asks for a specific employee, we transfer the caller to that employee’s phone. Whether that be their office extension, their home office, or their cell number while they’re on the beach.

MAXIMUM can be your dedicated receptionist, or simply handle overflow calls. Be that during your receptionist’s lunch or vacation, or when call volumes require a second temporary receptionist or temporary secretary. Either way, you save money because you only pay when we are actively working for you!
Our team members are available to help! We offer a free consultation and assessment, personal one-on-one support, low minimum & start up costs, web based call statistical reports and recorded conversations for quality assurance.

Pricing and Plans.

Our plans start at $49.95 for 60 minutes of time per month. If you happen to go over, we’ll help you adjust your plan.

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We can help if you need a virtual receptionist, messaging center, answering or dispatching service, order entry, data entry, and more.

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Maximum pursues collaborative relationships with clients and partners to understand their business and brands.

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