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MAXIMUM’s messaging platform provides for all the latest communication services, including voice mail, fax mail, email & paging.

Fax Mail

While some believe faxing is on its way out, the ability to hand sign a document and fax it back, keeps it an integral part of business communications today, and will do well into the future. Why pay for the expensive inks / ink rolls on your fax machine when you can have our platform receive all your faxes for you. Those faxes can be distributed to you via email, or via an Internet browser. Having the fax in digital form also allows you to now store your faxes on a computer for future reference, and print them up when ever necessary. This service is huge, and saves you time and money!

Message Notification

MAXIMUM’s messaging platform was built around message notification. When messages are left, you or your team can be alerted immediately via pager, phone (voice or text) or fax. If the message is not picked up in your specified time frame, message escalation is initiated to other team members to ensure the message is attended to.

“ONE CALL” web based paging service allows YOU to control who gets paged (on their wireless phone or pager) when your “ONE CALL” number is called. This is done via a secured web page; changes are controlled by you, and can be done at any time of the day!


Voice mail is still an efficient way to keep your customers in touch with you. Our voice mail services provide standard message recording features that any voice mail platform can provide, but also allows the messages to be picked up by phone, email and / or an Internet browser.

When configured, the platform also allows callers the option to press ‘0’ to speak directly with an agent. Not only is this useful in emergency situations, but it also allows you to pre-qualify the caller prior to them speaking with one of our agents, subsequently keeping your usage costs to a minimum.

IVR (Integrated Voice Response)

Our system can respond with a pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio message to direct users on how to proceed. We can set your account up to have extensions that transfer to other employees voicemail’s that we supply or to your employee’s cell phones or work phones.


While most people are not looking for another email address, you can use this email for special attention routing. Have this email sent to your pager / phone when emergencies arise. Have the email go to multiple members of your group, to their email addresses, to their pagers and / or to their phones.

Pricing and Plans.

Our plans start at $49.95 for 60 minutes of time per month. If you happen to go over, we’ll help you adjust your plan.

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We can help if you need a virtual receptionist, messaging center, answering or dispatching service, order entry, data entry, and more.

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