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117 Williams Street 45215 Cincinnati, Ohio
Phone: 800-589-6299

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MAXIMUM is constantly on the look out for exceptional candidates to join our team. We're a fast paced, efficient and collaborative group who pride ourselves on providing outstanding contact service to hundreds of companies across the USA.

As you've read on our website, we're an inbound contact center. While there may be a rare occasion to support an outbound call campaign for an existing client, we typically only handle inbound calls and emails from customers. Contact channels are answered from all types of industries... customer service, phone orders, medical / emergency and transportation reports are just a few examples of the industries you'd be helping us support. Subsequently if you join our team, you'll be required to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure  agreements that span all sorts of security measures, to include HIPAA.

We believe in team interaction, so all of our call center agents work in our office in Cincinnati at least one day a week. We do not hire "remote agents".

We're looking for candidates that meet the following criteria:

  • Professional, honest, polite, upbeat and punctual!
  • Great team player who learns quickly.
  • Ability to multi-task and support all sorts of call types with varying difficulties.
  • Follows instruction and does not take occasional upset callers personally.
  • Great listening skills to ascertain correct protocol to be used.
  • Has good knowledge and utilization of grammar and punctuation.
  • Recognizes accuracy is of the utmost importance!
  • Available at least one weekend day per week.

If you meet these criteria and would like to apply, we look forward to learning more about you! There are two steps for the initial application process. The first one being to complete the Employment Application. When you submit the application online, you'll be given a phone number to call for an automated interview. The automated interview will help us establish your ability to follow directions, and how well you sound on the phone. If you'd like to start the application, click HERE. We will pull that information together and get back to you as soon as possible

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